Blue and Brown Swirls-Delica Beaded Cuff Bracelet


This beautiful cuff bracelet is woven on a bead loom!  It’s quite a lot of fun to follow an intricate pattern on paper and then watch as the bracelet emerges in front of you.  This bracelet is 7 inches long and just under 1-1/4 inches wide.  The colors in this bracelet are dark colors, but the bracelet is anything but dark.  Almost all of the bead colors have a great, shiny finish on them which makes the bracelet very sparkly.  The closure is a dot patterned magnetic clasp with a very strong hold.

The actual bracelet pictured is for sale, but if this isn’t the right size for you, feel free to let me know your required size in the order notes and I’ll make one especially for you.

The beads used in this bracelet are Japanese Delica glass seed beads made by Miyuki.  There is a bit about Miyuki beads below.

Thanks to AZARBeadPatterns on Etsy for the seed bead loom pattern.

PROVIDE YOUR REQUIRED SIZE IN THE ORDER NOTES if the length you need is not 7 inches.



A bit about Miyuki:  Since 1949, Miyuki beads have been known for their quality, artistry and innovation. Their dedication to beauty has given them their reputation for excellence and has made them the ‘world standard’ when it comes to beadwork. The attention to detail and amazing consistency of size and color has made Miyuki a favorite among artists and fashion designers alike.