Byzantine Rose Chain Maille Bracelet


This sterling silver Byzantine Rose chain maille bracelet is entirely woven by hand from individual 18-gauge rings.




Each bracelet is made of hundreds of individual rings, woven by hand to create each bracelet. ¬†The rings are sterling silver and/or gold filled and of different sizes and weights. ¬†They are measured by their gauge, the thickness of the wire used to create each ring and their diameter. ¬†For my bracelets, I use primarily 16-gauge (heaviest) and 18-gauge (lightest) rings of varying diameters. ¬†One bracelet may look very similar to another while their prices may be quite different, because I’ve used a heavier gauge ring in the more expensive piece. ¬†The bracelets also vary by their metal. ¬†I use only precious metal for my chain maille bracelets; so each is either all sterling silver including the clasp, or a combination of sterling silver and gold filled. ¬†In addition to various gauges and types of metal, there is also the weave to consider when comparing chain maille pieces. ¬†Various weaves require varying amounts of time and intricacy; thus a more intricate weave of similar weight would generally be more costly.

Some of my chain maille bracelets may feature one of my lampwork glass beads.  Each glass bead is one of a kind, thus each picture is a representation of the bracelet you will receive.  If you order a Springfield bracelet, you will not receive the bracelet pictured, but a bracelet made of the same style bead, Springfield.  Though the size and color of each Marseilles bead will remain mostly uniform, there will be some variation from the actual Springfield bracelet pictured.