Morse Code Bracelets – CUSTOM


These bracelets are each a different word written in Morse Code with sterling silver dots and dashes on ‘memory wire’, a flexible wire that holds its shape.  A round, silver bead on one end represents the start of each word.

The CUSTOM bracelet is available in two sizes; ‘one size fits most’ and ‘extra large.’

PROVIDE YOUR CUSTOM WORD or BIBLE VERSE in the ORDER NOTES section of the checkout.

  • lavender AB
  • green matte
  • blue AB matte
  • khaki/green/pink AB
  • teal AB matte
  • terracotta matte
  • brown picasso
  • dark denim
  • black
  • black matte


Morse Code is a code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short signals of light or sound.  Instead of lights or sounds, each different word here is represented by combinations of sterling silver dots and dashes.

Additional information


one size fits most, XL


lavender AB, green matte, blue AB matte, khaki/green/pink AB, teal AB matte, terracotta matte, brown picasso, dark denim, black, black matte